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A major challenge facing businesses today is supplier personnel lacking the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) to properly perform quality-related activities/tasks. And unfortunately, many Quality Professionals have not updated their KSA to align with the advances/improvements that have taken place in the quality field over the past several decades.

As a part of SQSA's mission, we will be partnering with other organizations providing multiple types of training.

The "Lean-6" Quality Management Systems Training

The "Lean-6" Quality Management System (QMS) standard covers a wide range of quality related topics. While SQSA will be partnering with other organizations who specialize in providing Lean Six Sigma training and certification, our focus will be on certifying those training programs specific to the "Lean-6" QMS standard.

Training for Customer-specific Requirements

History has shown that humans are constantly advancing. And for those innovative companies at the forefront of technology, who have unique quality-related requirements, their weakest link is often their suppliers failing to fully understand and apply the new concepts. To help address this issue, SQSA will be working with partners to develop and provide customized online supplier training on "customer-specific" requirements.

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